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Uncle Social

Uncle Social have sporadically played the NI scene since 2007 with breaks at various times to focus on other projects. They finished recording their debut album in 2014 and have been gathering a reputation as one of the most enigmatic and occasionally unpredictable live bands on the scene. Taking influences from wide ranging sources- from punk rock to prog, heavy metal to electronica, and a whole lot in between. With songs that move from well-crafted, four-part vocal harmonies, to heavy intertwining riffs, to sheer noise and destruction at times.

Currently taking a hiatus from gigging with a view to write some new material.

Their album, Behaviour, was co-produced by Tom Newman (producer of Mike Oldfield classic Tubular Bells) with Newman proclaiming on stage after first hearing the band: “…this is the best fucking band I’ve seen since King Crimson in ’72.”



Uncle Social are a band that have shunned the perpetual stereotypes of social networking and instead concentrate on the craft of quality song writing and effortless frontmanship. In an atmospheric set, they find the perfect balance between languid relaxation and energy, and prove to be a worthy headline act to a show filled with passion, anger and, at times, absolute madness. A BBC ATL Review: