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Latest News

Updates… The Spider Collective

After the Superpowers album launch with a 15-piece ensemble in The MAC Theatre, Belfast in June 2015, plans to gather a group of musicians around my solo material began to emerge. This has ended up as The Spider Collective, a 10-piece group with some of the top musicians in the country. Strings and brass added […]

Updates… NI Soul Troop

Highlight of the past year for NI Soul Troop had to be our sell out New Year’s Eve extravaganza in The Belfast Empire. With 500 people rammed inside and many more who couldn’t get tickets. This could become an annual Soul Troop tradition. The Troop have continued to share a residency with The Vibes in […]

Updates… The Vibes

It has been a year since I updated my website… a lot can happen in a year, and quite a bit did! So, a few of the most memorable I will add – starting with The Vibes. It was a relatively busy year for The Vibes. We recorded an 8-track album, hoping to release in Autumn […]

Review of Superpowers

First review of the album! In its entirety the album ‘Superpowers’ is a very welcomed breath of fresh air. As someone who is currently wading through the overpopulated swamp that is the local Indie Rock music scene, it is my opinion that there is simply not enough music like ‘Superpowers’ being made at the moment […]

Superpowers Album Launch @The MAC Theatre 21st June.

The first major news I would like to share is that my album launch, for my solo album Superpowers, will be in The MAC Theatre, Belfast, and is going to be the most adventurous show I have ever tried to put on. In this beautiful theatre space I will be joined by around 15 amazing […]

Welcome to

Hello and welcome to my new website. This site has been set up to bring together all of my musical projects into one space. It links you to places where you can listen to, watch or buy my music. It will also be a place where you can find out about upcoming shows, releases or […]